Tron: Evolution Review

Propaganda Games has extended upon its haphazard 2008 first-person shooter game Turok with their new nostalgic release, Tron: Evolution. It comes off a long list of already existing Tron titles fit for console. It must be remembered, however, that this is a film-to-game adaptation. This type of gaming is always subject to criticism and comparison from gamers and […]

Beautiful Katamari Review

Trying to understand the concept and direction of a Katamari game would be like watching an episode of Lost mid-way through season 3 and trying to understand everything that’s happened so far. It’s just not possible. That’s because every game in the uncanny Katamari franchise is just that – uncanny. With Beautiful Katamari on XBOX 360, the King of the Cosmos, […]

Wargaming on Australia, community, and why World Of Tanks isn’t next-gen

Wargaming is continuing it’s push down under with local servers and full support. But what’s driving the interest in Australia? GamePace spoke with Wargaming’s Jasper Nicolas to find out. So Wargaming is a pretty big deal. The strategy game developer — which started operating in 1998 but didn’t really start making noise until the 2010 […]

Top 5 Xbox 360 exclusives as voted by the GamePace community

Back in May we ran a poll asking GamePace’ers to vote for their favourite Xbox 360 exclusive of all time (including games that saw eventual releases on PC, as well as timed-exclusives). The selection is slim pickings compared to what Sony dishes up for the PlayStation 3, but there’s still plenty of great action amidst […]

The most versatile video game voice actors

Over the weekend, I (sadly) finished The Last of Us and my intriguing journey through post-apocalyptic America was over. I had an absolute blast with the story and its fascinating characters, brought to life by some extremely well-done motion capture and genuine, emotionally engaging voice-acting. I enjoyed the cast and the writing so much that […]

Is the internet turning gamers into “entitled snowflakes”?

Are we raging out for no more reason than “just because”? The above phrase came out of a personal conversation where a friend of mine used it to describe the culture of self-entitlement gamers have continuously entrenched themselves in. And in light of Microsoft’s ‘Xbox 180’ policy change last week, I’m beginning to wonder if […]

Games are still getting banned – I thought we had an R18+ rating now?

I was an Authorised Assessor for Computer and Video games for nine years. That means that for nine years I was the person at the publisher I worked for who was in charge of completing the submissions to the (then) Office of Film and Literature Classification for our games. I’d fill out the reports detailing […]