How to get free VPN for gaming

Providers offer their services for a fee. The average cost 5-10 dollars a month not everyone can afford. On the Internet, several companies offer free VPN for gaming. What’s the catch? Typically, this connection has limited speed, the smaller the degree of protection and advertising.


1. Spotflux. Apply for desktop and mobile operating systems. Features a large number of ads, but at the same time, unlimited speed and traffic. The main drawback is the recognizability of some video services. Available an enhanced paid version.

2. Hotspot Shield. Works on all platforms. Free only the first seven days of use, the extension will have to pay about $5 per month. Like Spotflux, VPN this reveals video service Hulu.

3. Private Tunnel. Test mode is limited to the choice of the virtual location of the PC. Additional settings there. There is a limit to traffic up to 200 MB. For just over $ 10 you can get 50 GB extra, but this is hardly enough of a hardcore gamer.

4. SuperVPN Free VPN Client. Is a convenient software for protecting your online information and ensuring your privacy while using the internet. Free for android, under the link the full review and the link to download

5. Hola. Available as extensions for Chrome or Firefox. Dashing to the level of 1 GB, then the speed does not exceed 128 kbps. To remove the restriction, you need to pay at the rate of $5 per month.

6. TunnelBear. The easiest to set up, as it has just one button on and off. The free version is limited traffic. One user can have a maximum of 500 MB per month.

Setting up VPN for online games

Before installing VPN for gaming decide with the provider. It is better to choose paid as a small price to pay off the lack of extra nerves when connecting. Most popular – The company’s services are very cheap compared to competitors. For a little more than 100 rubles per year subscription you will be provided with a full package of tools for the safe Internet. No annual subscription for one month costs nearly three times more expensive.

VPN setup here is pretty simple: download the app on your computer and choose one of the offered servers. Available test mode where you for several days can test all aspects of the programme. Its main advantage is a function of the Chameleon. It applies additional encryption to secure traffic.

How to choose a VPN for gaming: the settings of the Internet connection
All interactions on the world wide web happen through the transmission of data “chunks.” One “portion” is called a package, which holds the address of the recipient and the sender, useful information, messages about possible errors. Each box is a separate independent unit; its size is governed by the protocols of the network.

Each network connection has a few parameters characterizing the quality of his work, to which you should pay attention to when choosing a VPN for gaming:

Speed. Directly affects the jump and receiving streaming data. In the case of online games are increased at least 2 Mbit/sec, as the multiplayer mode does not require the transfer of a large volume of packages.

Ping. The length of time for which the package covers the distance from client PC to server and back. For an easy game, the sound should be less than 50 MS. Otherwise, there will be a noticeable lag in dynamic online battles.

The rate of packet loss. The percentage of lost data send. In modern fiber optic cables, this value tends to zero. Mobile network support ratio in the range of 1-2%.
Jitter. Sudden dips in connection speed at work network. Occurs because of a large number of factors and is still present in 4G networks.

Don’t forget that the speed shows how much data is transmitted for a specified period. It is measured in megabits per second. Not to be confused with megabytes! 1 megabyte is eight megabits. It is recommended to specify in advance what the magnitude of the measured characteristics of the tariff plan from your provider.

TunnelBear VPN:
Hotspot Shield
Private Tunnel VPN
SuperVPN Free VPN Client

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