Top 5 Xbox 360 exclusives as voted by the GamePace community

Back in May we ran a poll asking GamePace’ers to vote for their favourite Xbox 360 exclusive of all time (including games that saw eventual releases on PC, as well as timed-exclusives).

The selection is slim pickings compared to what Sony dishes up for the PlayStation 3, but there’s still plenty of great action amidst the Xbox 360’s long life cycle of exclusive content.

Here’s the top 5 Xbox 360 exclusives, as voted by you. Do you agree with the list? What’s your “top 5”? Tell us below!

5th Place – Viva Pinata (4% of votes)

It’s been more than six years since Viva Pinata first graced our Xbox 360’s. The acclaimed game earned its developer, Rare, the most award nominations since a little-known game called GoldenEye 007 was turning heads. Viva Pinata still holds up as one of the more unique and engaging games on Xbox 360.

4th Place – Gears of War 3 (9%)

While it’s admittedly time for Microsoft and Epic to cool off on the Gears love, the series went from strength to strength with each new iteration. The recently-released Judgment hit the right notes with reviewers, but GamePace members hold Gears of War 3 up as the best in the series.

3rd Place – Forza Motorsport 4 (12%)

The Forza series has become one of Microsoft’s flagship Xbox brands, with the fifth entry set to launch in early 2014 for Xbox One. The latest entry is arguably the best, and ranks third among Xbox 360 exclusives.

2nd Place – Alan Wake (15%)

Remedy’s long-awaited action game went through multiple design changes, but the final product is just as good as many of us expected it to be. Alan Wake set new standards for storytelling in games, and while it didn’t set the world on fire sales wise, it still holds up as one of the Xbox 360’s strongest titles.

1st Place – Halo 3 (25%)

Despite being released in 2007, Halo 3 has stood the test of time to come out the clear winner as the best Xbox 360 exclusive this generation. Despite its successor in Halo 4 being one of the most acclaimed games on 2012, Halo 3 easily trumps it in the quality stakes.

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